Friday, December 30, 2011

The Power of Community...

I know you've heard me speak about the power of community before. When we had the fiasco with the pear and honey order, we couldn't believe how much our friends and family came together to help us out.

And yet again, I have reason to rave about the power of living by good neighbors. Mountain Man has been frustrated with how little time he has to build his coop - one weekend, we were scheduled to have two days of straight snowfall. Since Mountain Man only had this time before his next 9 day shift, he decided to just work through it.

At first, it was just Constable and himself.

But, then, about mid-morning, one of our neighbors (the one that trades us milk for eggs) came over to offer his assistance.

After working for about an hour, our OTHER neighbor to the other side of us came over with some extra tools and manpower. Together, the 3 men worked to get the roofing over the coop to keep the snow out.

They worked out there for most of the afternoon. We brought out hot chocolate, chatted a bit, and called it a day.

I am constantly amazed at how much people can pull together in a time of need. Mountain Man was called the other day to help chop up more wood for someone down the street who had run out of wood for their woodstove. His father was elderly, and he had just gone through another surgery, and was incapacitated. After they finished, the elderly patriarch came over, hugged him, and thanked him with tears in his eyes. Mountain Man said seeing the humility and sincerity in that man's eyes was more than worth it. It humbles you. We are so grateful to be given these opportunities to serve and be served.

I know it seems counter-intuitive, but when it comes to self-reliance, it is VERY important to first, know your neighbors, and second, foster a sense of community to be able to serve and depend on each other. If you can't find that where you are at, I'd suggest you move to a better location... I think I have a great area in mind... :)

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