Friday, December 30, 2011

Mountain Man's Ongoing Project...

We've been a little over zealous in our first year at the farm - when we first moved here, one of Mountain Man's friends at work gave us our first chickens (they'd outgrown the cute lovable chick stage from Easter), and we quickly fell in love with the idea and wanted a few more. But, when we went to look at more chicks, we couldn't decide which ones we wanted, so we took them all! I know, we're a little impulsive at times.

Once home, we came to the conclusion that the existing coop was too small for all the chicks, but they adapted quickly, sleeping in the trees above them. We didn't mind it so much as it was summer. But, NOW it's winter! The chickens (and the turkeys) still sleep in the trees unless it's SUPER cold, and then they all pile into this teeny tiny coop to stay warm.

So, we decided to build a super roomy coop for all of them! Poor Mountain Man has been trying to do this in his off-time, but he doesn't really have any...but this is what he started out with.

Each day, when he got some time and a clear day, he worked some more...

(a trap door in the back of the coop to sweep poo and straw into a compost pile)

...and sometimes he worked at night,

he is often accompanied by Constable,

We'll keep you updated on the progress. :)

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