Sunday, January 22, 2012

For the Master Preservers Out There...

Awhile ago, many of you expressed interest in organizing a group order for canning jars. After doing a bit of research, I found that the price on jars actually doesn't fluctuate that much between distributors. I spoke to a representative of the manufacturing company, and she stated that I would need an order of 1000 cases or more to place an order. If our self-reliance movement grows, we may be able to do it one day - but I don't think we're that close just yet. So for now, here's what I've found:

I used to get great deals in Las Vegas by frequenting the garage sales - wait for the community garage sales, and look for the older communities; one of my favorites was the Sun City Aliante garage sale. Many older couples would get rid of jars, dehydrators, and that sort of thing. I wouldn't spend over $.25 a jar because the pickins were so good! Just make sure you look at each jar for cracks or chips anywhere in the glass, paying special attention to the rim. Also, I would only buy the ball and kerr jars, no old mayonnaise/jam jars.

I never had huge luck in Las Vegas for this, but in Utah, I've been able to get jars of all sizes at the Deseret Industries for about $.50 a jar. So, for those of you in Utah, keep this in mind if you are looking. Make sure you remember to look for cracks or chips!

If you are too disgusted in the used idea or having super bad luck finding what you need, one of my readers just informed me that 8 oz (half-pint) jars are on sale at for $7.64 a case, and if you use the password KMFRIENDS, shipping is free. I don't know how long it lasts, so get it while it's there! She also gets coupons periodically for her classes that she teaches - so let me know if you'd like to get some canning coupons!

I was also informed that the Costco in St. George, Utah carries canning jars periodically. And lastly, also offers great prices throughout the year.

Hope this helps some of you looking for jars!

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