Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Halloween!! (I know, I know...)

Constable and Beans "practicing before the big day" - two weeks before the big day... :)

So, it took me a while to post these halloween shots because I had to make sure it was okay with my sis to post the pics of her chilluns as well. You see, Constable had decided that he wanted to be Indiana Jones this year - Mountain Man has been in charge of creating his costume in years past, and this year was no different. But, Indiana Jones sounded original and fairly easy to do, so with a few trips to DI, and a few things in the closet and craft centers, we came up with a pretty good costume.

But, what was funny was, we had planned to visit with my sis in the big city, and go trick-or-treating with cousins, and grandparents. And guess what their boy was? Indiana Jones!! Hah! What luck! Neither one of us ever mentioned what our kids were going to be, so it was quite the surprise. A fun one, since Constable pretty much idolizes his cousin. :)

When I asked what Beans wanted to be for Halloween, she said the pink monster again. This was what she was last year, so it was A-okay by me to reuse it. She barely fit into it - it will HAVE to be laid to rest after this Halloween no matter what. Poor girl - she'll be so sad.

Her lady cousin was dressed in a beautiful mermaid costume that was made by her grandmother. Boy, I wish I had her skills...her creativity...and maybe her time, too.... :)

(love the pose, here)

And then, there were two - Baby GIRL Tots and Baby Girl Cousin. I capitalize GIRL for Tots because my poor babe is ALWAYS mistaken for a boy, even in pink outfits. Anyways, Tots was dressed in a cute ladybug costume, but WAS NOT HAPPY the majority of the time. Too hungry. Wanted a candy of a DIFFERENT variety... :)

But, Baby Girl Cousin was a definite highlight. She was an absolutely ADORABLE pirate! I could just eat her up...

And Papa was with us - he was dressed up as...

PAPA!! :)

I had an absolute blast with family. They threw a perfect birthday party for my kids while we were there- and it couldn't have been better timing for us to have a little help...

I love my Nana and sis!!

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