Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Turk, Turk, Turk!

Frequently, I wake up at the sound of the rooster's crow, which I actually don't mind; even when he figured out that he could walk right up under my window, crow, and get fed quicker as a result. Whoever said chickens aren't smart??

But the other morning, I awoke to the gobble of my turkeys instead. There I am, laying in bed, just starting to stir, and I hear the gobble, gobble of my turkeys in the orchard. Hmmm.....I think, do I want to get out just yet? As I contemplate this, I hear my turkeys familiar call again....and AN ORCHESTRA of gobbles replied! What the?! I look out my window and see this...

Around 40 turkey toms had gathered to challenged my boys. Hah!

They were strutting back and forth along the fence...

putting on a show for the ladies, calling out turks and gobbles as if they were all participating in a chorus line. Quite the display! They seemed perturbed when they noticed me watching and strutted away...maybe I should've applauded?

Now, let me say that I LOVE my sleep. It takes so much effort to get me out of my bed. Alarm clock? I hit the snooze. Appointments? I'll wait until the last minute and walk in with my hair looking like Einstein (I know, I have no shame). Kids crying? That sends me under the pillows. This is why this farm life works so well for me. Because the one thing I think I cherish more than my sleep is the unexpected. I love the constant movement of my life - the dynamic ups and downs of farm life, of the new world just outside my door. Routine is boring. I relish in the
challenges of the unknown!

And I love my birds. Such fanciful productions are sure to get anyone up out of bed! :)

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