Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Responsibilities on the Farm...

One of the reasons we decided to move to a more rural setting was because my 7-year old son thrives when given responsibility, but we felt like he was losing this desire as he spent more time with his peers in the city. So, we were excited to see him so eager to jump into working on the farm. But, I had no idea how much to expect until I saw him yesterday morning during the snow storm. The day before, Mountain Man explained to him that he would have to keep the supply of firewood going in the home by bringing some from the mudroom to the woodstove each morning, and restocking the mudroom as needed. When I woke up that morning, Constable was already dressed in his snow gear, and outside checking for eggs. I threw on some clothes and joined him in feeding and watering the animals. Then, I came back inside to work on some breakfast (eggs - who would've guessed?). While washing some of the dishes, I happen to glance out the window. This is what I saw:

When Constable comes in, he proceeds to tell me about how he filled the blue bucket (in the picture), tried to push it to the door, found it to be too heavy, moved the logs into the cart, and couldn't move that either. I asked him if he needed my help. "Nope, I'm just taking a little break for breakfast; then, I'll be strong again and will move it the rest of the way." And that's just what he did..

He stayed out in the snow all day - he built this amazing wall that I wish I had gotten a pic of. All I got was this:

Even though the snow melted away, you can still see the detail in these pics - each individual block that he made by "filling the bucket with snow and then stepping on it to make it hard and stuck together."

the brick-maker

And the arc of the wall made out of his blocks. The way he puts things together is just amazing to me - definitely a quality that his father gifted to him...

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  1. I am so glad I found out about your blog. So cool! What an amazing experience living on a farm is for the kids. So fun!