Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Finally finished the plums - I ended up with 17 pints, 12 half-pints, and 3 little teeny jars of plum butter(not counting the 5 or 6 pints I gave the landlord, and the few half-pints I gave to some of the men that helped us with our firewood). I could've gotten WAY more if I had been on top of it, but alas, some of it had to go to the chickens and the compost.

Lesson #1 on the farm - one plum tree is more than enough for our needs. How many do we have? Seven! Hm...

I thought I'd be moving on to the pomegranates, but they seem to be staying well, so tomorrow, I'll start working on the apples. Since we have a ton of applesauce, and with my new found love of butters, we'll be trying out some different apple butter recipes to see what ones we love. Then, I'll probably make just a few more applesauces to share with family and to use with our pomegranate leathers when we get to them.

How's everyone else's harvest season going? :)

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  1. Very impressive. With the move I didn't do any canning. Sad.