Thursday, February 2, 2012

No pics!!

This post will not have any pics as they would be TOO offensive for some, but I had to tell the story as it portrays my son to a tee. Our neighbors had a friend that raises bison for meat, and for a trade, he gave them one to slaughter. Yesterday morning, they had him butchered, and they picked up his hide for tanning, and his head for displaying the skull.

Constable saw the neighbor skinning the head and immediately responded by running over to observe(this from the boy that pulled out my Anatomy and Physiology Lab Book when he was 3, looked at the pictures, and then started drawing people with intestines, lungs, brain, heart, and occasionally kidneys...). Trying to make this educational, Mountain Man and I walked over and started asking him questions about it. "Why did the blood stop coming out?", "What do you think this hole is for?", "Where is this part on you?", and "Why are those teeth different from these?". He had a whole anatomy lesson right there. Mountain Man and I continued on with our chores, while Constable stayed and helped our neighbor.

As he pulled into our drive on his bike, he called out, "I'm back!" I said, "Great! Did you learn a lot?", to which he replied, "Yeah! Buck took out the eye and gave it to me!" I said, "Really?! Where is it?" "In my pocket..." as he drives right by me to run into the house. "Wait! Gross, Constable, it's in your pocket?" He disappears around the corner and yells back at me, "Nope, I was just kidding..."

Hmm...better double check that pocket... :)


  1. Hilarious! And amazing that he has such a great sense of humor!

  2. That is really funny. Love the story.