Friday, October 14, 2011

Knee-deep in Plums?

We finally got around to picking the rest of our plums off of the trees a couple of days ago. We'd been picking them slowly for a couple of weeks, thinking we'd be able to make a dent in the massive influx of plums, but with the sub-freezing temps approaching, AND the chickens and turkeys having digestive issues (know what happens when we eat too many plums? it just so happens that the VERY SAME thing happens to birds - who knew?), we decided to pick the rest and start the preservation process. So, today, I got to making plum butter. Now, I'm not a big fan of plums to begin with, so the idea of preserving them did NOT make me excited; but, after my first batch(which was actually 3 times the recipe), I had to admit that it smelled REALLY good! :)

But, I'm barely getting started. Today, I did a quarter of a box of plums. That came out to 5 half pints and 4 pints of plum butter. But, THIS is how much I have left:

I actually weighed the 2 gallon buckets to see how much the 18 gallon tub weighs. 126 pounds. Plus the two 14 pound buckets. Plus the plums in the fridge. I am going to have to get a little creative...

Tomorrow after the community garage sale (which I'm so excited for - I went to one today for a little preview. What do you think you would find in a community full of self-reliant people? Hopefully, a LOT of goodies!), I'll try to make some fruit leather, and some different kinds of jam. I tried to make some dried plums, but I may make some more of those as well. Any ideas/recipes you'd like to share with me?? :)

This is going to be what I'm doing for the next...oh...forever...

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