Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our New Family Blog

Well, we did it. We succumbed to the pressure to blog. Why? Well, it's just gotten too hard for us to remember all of our funny stories when we chat on the phone. And we can't tell which ones we've told before! And I type faster than I write, so hopefully, I'll be able to keep a journal better this way. So, I'm sorry in advance, as I'm not half as good at writing as the rest of my family, but hopefully, you'll still enjoy hearing what we're up to.

So, let's give you the lowdown on things - as most of you know, we moved to a small town in Southern Utah. This move was something we've thought about for a long time - Las Vegas served us well in so many capacities, but we just wanted something more for our family. So, we found a house to rent on a little over 4 acres of property. We have fruit trees, a garden, pasture, and a ravine with a small stream in the back. It's a little piece of paradise in our eyes!

So, since our move, our family has grown. We lost Bridget back in March, and it was so upsetting, but what was worse was seeing that Reuben was so different. He slept a lot, he wandered around aimlessly - he seemed to age so much that we worried that his time would be sooner than we planned. So, we decided to get another dog. We looked at a few different dogs, but when we visited Sophie, we knew immediately that she was the one. She's a cross between an Akbash and a Great Pyrenees, and she's about 8 months old. At first, she and Reuben had to decide who ruled the roost, but now - well, they're inseparable! They do everything together, and Reuben is like a puppy again! And Sophie is a lover - Xander and Julia cuddle her, and she has that "gentle giant" demeanor that we loved with Bridget so much.

But, that's not all. In addition to Sophie, we've accumulated 24 chickens and 6 turkeys! Oh, my! What are we thinking, REALLY?! Don't ask me, it wasn't my idea...but, I sure am entertained by them, so I can't complain.

Oh, I've got to run for now, but don't worry, there's plenty more to tell(as I'm sure most of you know, if you know us at all, the crazy k's! :)

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